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While the average family uses a microwave several times a day, the oven, cooktop and stove still get plenty of everyday use and test your patience at the most inconvenient times, like during Thanksgiving. Whether the problem is the thermostat, heat elements, error codes, gas knobs or anything in between, our factory trained and authorized repair specialists are close at hand to quickly and efficiently get your oven, cooktop or stove up and running again.

Since our trucks are 95% equipped with brand name replacement parts, chances are the repair can be completed during the initial visit. At the time of service, our technicians also check the temperature calibration, valves, burners, switches and wiring to see if lubricating, cleaning or adjustment is necessary – a preventive measure that can help avoid further problems down the road.

At Discount Appliance Repairs, we provide exceptional same day service for all your appliance repair needs.

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